Stage shows

Red Shoes
Director: Matthew Bourne
The premiere of Matthew Bourne’s adaptation of the legendary film originally took place at Plymouth's Theatre Royal on 21 November 2016 and...
Production company: New Adventures
Wonderful Christmastime
Director: Colin Matthews
Christmas show featuring the Babbabcombe Regulars and promising some comedy, some songs from Cats, Anything Goes, Aladdin, A Star is Born and Sister...
Da Vinci Code
Director: Luke Sheppard
The curator of the Louvre has been brutally murdered, and alongside his body are a series of baffling codes. Follow the pulse-racing journey as...
Production company: Simon Friend Entertainment
Sing for your Supper!
Director: Ian Bloomfield
Tells the story of the Singing Waiters, mixing comedy and classical music, and drawing on the colourful experiences of its writer and director Ian...
Production company: Giggling Wolf! Company
Menopause The Musical 2
Director: Belinda Murphy
Hot flushes, mood swings, memory lapses and weight gain, these are a few of our favourite menopausal things! Cruising Through Menopause is a...
Production company: Robert C Kelly
Director: Jonathan Kent
Set in Rome in June 1800 during the Napoleonic wars and a time of great political unrest the plot centres around three main characters – Rome's...
Production company: Royal Opera House
Beauty and the Beast
Director: Craig Northway
Bookworm Belle lives a quiet provincial life but it quickly turns to danger when she finds herself imprisoned in an enchanted castle by a hideous...
Production company: Wonder Productions
Director: Mark Beeson
comedy set in the year is 2050, and the Mayor of Dartmoor, now ostensibly an independent state but controlled by The Authorities, attempts to lead...
Production company: Med Theatre
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Director: Oliver Gray
Young Ali Baba stumbles across an enchanted cave when he overhears the magic words that open it: “Open Sesame!”. Inside the cave he finds untold...
Production company: Illyria Theatre Company
Rob Kingsley
recreation of the 1968 Comeback Special with Elvis tribute Rob Kingsley playing the part of Elvis and working his way through the King's back...
Production company: MRC Presents
Life's A Beach
Who doesn’t like the idea of a good engagement? The happy couple have invited their friends and family to their Hawaii themed engagement party. It is...
Production company: Candlelight Theatre Company
Sleeping Beauty
Director: Iain Douglas
“Before midnight on her 16th birthday, the Princess shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and she will die”. This chilling curse...
Production company: Paignton Pantomime Productions
Drip Drip Drip
Director: Jon Welch
The oncology ward of a local NHS hospital. Behind the curtain: Daniel, a refugee from Eritrea, training to be a nurse; Rahmiya, a second-generation...
Production company: Pipeline Theatre
The Goat Show
Director: Josh Lucas, Sian Keen
People say nothing is more stubborn than a Goat that won’t move. Which makes you wonder what the Goats think about us… In a corner of Devon not too...
Production company: Running Dog Theatre
Black Coffee
Director: Sarah Caplan
A group of relatives and friends of the famous scientist Sir Claude Amory are gathered for an after-dinner coffee when he announces that his secret...
Production company: Bijou Theatre Productions