Stage shows

The Three Musketeers
Director: John Nicholson
Armed only with a baguette and his questionable steed, join hot-headed D’Artagnan as he travels to Paris full of childish excitement and misplaced...
Production company: Le Navet Bete
Funny Money
Director: Alan Tanner
Henry is late home for his birthday dinner. When he eventually arrives he discovers that he has accidentally picked up a briefcase containing...
Production company: TOADS Theatre Company
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Director: Katy O'Brien
A car that can swim and fly. And sweets with magical qualities. All together in this joyous romp from master storyteller, Ian Fleming. Caractus Potts...
Production company: The City of Plymouth Theatre Company
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Director: Valerie Doulton
Shakespeare in one hour, on or around Midsummer Night, sponsored by Cranch's Sweet Shop, who are celebrating 150 years in Salcombe; bring a...
Production company: The Live Literature Company
Old Herbaceous
Director: Simon Downing
Old Herbert Pinnegar has spent his life as a gardener at ‘the big house’ and shares his memories with us. His interest in flowers and plants was...
Production company: Kick in the Head
Small Island
Director: Rufus Norris
Andrea Levy’s epic novel, adapted for the stage by Helen Edmundson and with a company of 40, tells a story that journeys from Jamaica to Britain,...
Production company: National Theatre
The Summer of Love
Director: Stuart Price
Taking you back on a musical journey to that summer of 1967, an explosion of flowers, psychedelia, freedom, peace and love and, of course, timeless...
Production company: Maple Tree Entertainment Limited
Let Me Look At You
Director: David Prescott
Stand-up meets solo theatre in this personal story from the gay “movement”. Grounded in history and battered by camp, a fifty-something gay man...
Production company: Starving Artists Productions
Paul Metcalfe
The Rod Stewart story with the first half of the show featuring hits from his earlier career interwoven with some interesting and amusing anecdotes,...
Production company: Prestige Productions Limited
first performed by the Opéra-Comique in Paris on 3 March 1875 and based on the novella by ‎Prosper Mérimée writer some 30 years earlier, Bizet's...
Production company: Ellen Kent Opera & Ballet International
Director: Colin Matthews
This year's summer seasonal Babbacombe Theatre variety offering again features comedian Steve Laister, supported by vocalists Holly Cosgrove,...
Christmas. Time.
Director: Simon Harvey
Charlie and Toby are feeling low, and why wouldn’t they? It’s Christmas Day and they’re serving time at Her Majesty’s pleasure. But why shouldn’t...
Production company: Near-ta Theatre
Woodland Tales with Granddad
Director: Emma Williams
Briarbush the old dog fox can sense a change in the air. It has a metal scent, something he hasn’t detected before. Even the trees are swaying and...
Production company: Pickled Image
A Winter's Tale
Director: Rob Ashford, Kenneth Branagh
Shakespeare's timeless tragicomedy of obsession and redemption in which King Leontes appears to have everything: power, wealth, a loving family...
Director: Matt Brinkler
musical tribute show celebrating the career of the Spice Girls and the era of Ginger, Scary, Posh, Sporty, Baby and Girl Power
Production company: Red Entertainment