Stage shows

Private Lives
Director: Peter Mimmack
Welcome to L’Hotel Crevecoeur, aged 8 and older. May we please remind you to follow hotel rules (we have them for a reason) and enjoy your stay at...
Production company: Heartbreak Productions
Treasure Island
Director: John Nicholson
It's Christmas Eve in The Spyglass Tavern. Fourteen year old lad Jim Hawkins is serving ale to the one and only customer the pub ever has....
Production company: Le Navet Bete
Hera Hyesang Park and Andrey Zhilikhovsky
Director: Annabel Arden
The beautiful Rosina is kept all but prisoner by her guardian Dr Bartolo, who secretly hopes to marry his wealthy ward. But when Count Almaviva falls...
Production company: Glyndebourne
Director: Olivia Fuchs
Disillusioned with life, the ageing Faust trades his soul to the devil Méphistophélès in exchange for youth and the love of the beautiful Marguerite...
Production company: Welsh National Opera
Les Gloriables
Director: Jess Dawson
Inspired by Les Misérables, legendary French actress Gloria Delaneuf has created a life-changing piece of theatre which will reunite Europe. She has...
Production company: Spitz & Co
Miss Saigon
Director: Laurence Connor
Based on Giacomo Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly, and similarly telling the tragic tale of a doomed romance involving an Asian woman abandoned...
Production company: Cameron Mackintosh Limited
Alexandra Burke
Director: Rachel Kavenaugh
Musical rom-com based on the Tristar Pictures film following fiery food critic Julianne Potter, who has always turned her nose up at romance. It’s...
Production company: David Ian Productions
Thunder Road
A dark comedy telling the story of two women, Maureen and Sylvie, who embark on a First Aid training trip. When things take an unexpected turn in a...
Production company: RedCape Theatre
Santa's Elves and the Shoemaker
Director: Ian Billings
With only three days left before Christmas, Mr.Klopp, the penniless shoemaker, has only enough leather left to make one pair of shoes. He sets the...
Production company: Sam Bradshaw Productions
Director: Diane Paulus
Jenna, a waitress and expert pie-maker, dreams of some happiness in her life. When a hot new doctor arrives in town, life gets complicated. With the...
Production company: David Ian Productions
Broadway and Beyond
Director: Richard Hooper
Eight performers, of whom three are singers and dancers and five musicians collectively playing more than a dozen instruments, with routines and...
Production company: Clearer Productions
Pugs of the Frozen North
Director: Brian Mitchell
The Race to the Top of the World comes around once in a lifetime, and the prize, your heart’s desire, so Shen and Sika can’t resist the chance to win...
Production company: The Foundry Group
The Merry Wives of Windsor
Director: Amanda Knott
Shakespeare’s epic and delightful comedy is a rollicking tale of marriage, fidelity, trickery and love in which the puffed up and degenerate Sir John...
Production company: Creative Cow
Mass Epidemic Hysteria
Director: Chris Yarnell
In Ancient Egypt, wandering womb theory was first recorded; in 1518 hundreds of people danced uncontrollably on the streets of Strasbourg; in 1877 Dr...
Production company: The Outbound Project
Based on the fantastical children’s book, this magical musical adaptation leaps off the page and onto the stage in a vibrant re-telling of Pinocchio’...
Production company: Immersion Theatre