Trio of Men

Trio of Men

Trio of Men are municipal song-makers; all glorious asymmetric rhythms, strange headgear, mis-spent harmonies and the joy of living.

They have been making songs in care homes, hospitals, schools, fields, libraries, bus shelters and with non-traditional community choir The Choral Engineers.

Sometimes you can dance, sometimes you can try, but find that you don’t have seven legs.

As three musician/performers, they sing in 7/8 time about Oliver Heaviside, they recreate Beck’s Song Reader album, perform their own songs about illness and neighbours, and sing new adaptations from the Penguin Book of English Folk Songs.

They are the house band for the FRANK Water charity and have been heard/observed writing instant festival songs with strangers and friends at Womad, Cornbury and End of the Road.

Forthcoming appearances

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