Toby Marks and Andrew Heath

Toby Marks and Andrew Heath

Toby Marks emerged from 1980’s acid house and has gone on to record and perform worldwide as Banco de Gaia, fusing house, dub, prog rock, jazz and world music elements.

More recently he has developed a growing interest in electroacoustic composition and other areas of ambient electronic music. He is particularly interested in immersive sonic environments and the meeting point of deliberate and random composition.

He is currently focussing on ambient works drawing on soundscape recordings from man and nature blended with simple but beautiful musical motifs. In performance he incorporates video imagery, generated live where possible, to create a truly engrossing and uplifting experience.

Andrew Heath conversely creates quiet, ambient, lower-case music based around piano, electronics and field recordings, drawing inspiration from a simple piano motif, an electronic shimmer or a processed found sound.

The work he produces blends piano, electronics and found sounds into a mix that on the surface sounds quite minimal and open, but on closer listening, contains detailed fragments, constantly shifting and changing place.