The City Musick

The City Musick

The City Musick is an ensemble formed to explore the diverse repertoire of civic and court wind players in 16th and 17th century Europe.

Now firmly established as the premier renaissance wind band in the UK, the ensemble comprises director William Lyons, who plays shawms recorder, dulcian and bagpipes; Richard Thomas, who plays cornett, recorder and trumpet; Gawain Glenton, cornett and recorder; Nick Perry, shawms recorder, dulcian and bagpipes; George Bartle, trombone and voice; Stephanie Dyer, trombone; Fiona Last, shawm and recorder; and Tom Lees, trombone.

The members of The City Musick are all seasoned professionals specialising in historical performance, working with other leading period music ensembles and at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.

After its debut USA tour in 2009, including a performance at the reconstructed Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton, Virginia, the ensemble has performed for traditional feasts and ceremonies in the City of London, at Ham House and at the York Early Music Festival, Florence and Antwerp.

The City Musick made their BBC Proms debut in 2012 with a performance of Venetian music in collaboration with I Fagiolini.

The players run a popular annual course on renaissance music at the Dartington International Summer School.

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