Rupa Ensemble

Rupa Ensemble

Founded by composer Julian Marshall in 2018, The Rupa Ensemble is an octet of outstanding, stylistically agile singers especially adept in singing Julian’s music and presenting highly engaging performances of mixed musical programmes to the highest professional standards.

In addition to regular concerts and tours, the group is committed to setting up educational outreach projects as an embedded part of their regular activities.

Educated at Dartington Hall School and The Royal College of Music, Julian found international chart success with the bands Marshall Hain, The Flying Lizards and Eye to Eye. A new chapter as a composer of such longer-form works as Out of the Darkness and The Angel in the Forest began in 2009 and today songwriting and composition take a central position in his creative life.

In addition to running a flourishing creative coaching business he holds a position as a Teaching Fellow at ICMP, London and is published by Novello and Co.

Forthcoming appearances

No future appearances for Rupa Ensemble have yet been entered