Mike Silver

Mike Silver

He was nine when he first tried to play guitar. But it wasn't until he was 14 that he got one of his own. From that moment on he was constantly involved in music, playing with various different groups in both London and Kent.

He was inspired to move to a more fingerstyle folk/blues approach after witnessing Gerry Lockran at a Canterbury folk club, and commenced a performing career himself in the folk clubs of London and Cornwall from the late 1960s onwards.

In 1973 he signed to Elton John's Rocket Recordings, released albums, and toured around Europe and North America.

In the West Briton in 2003 reviewer John Newman wrote: "Mike Silver has a unique style, drawing from many influences including folk, rock, country and blues, all of which are evident, with an end result that is magical and should be a source of inspiration to songwriters everywhere."

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