Stage shows

The Browning Version
Director: Andrew Kenyon
The play, being performed here as part of a double bill with Red Peppers, is set in the sitting-room of Arthur Crocker-Harris, a classics teacher at...
Production company: TOADS Theatre Company
Director: Oliver Gray
This gripping tale is now a brand-new musical production created by Illyria, the first and only professional theatre company to have toured outdoor...
Production company: Illyria Theatre Company
One Under
Director: Amit Sharma
When a young man jumps in front of a train Cyrus is driving, the mysterious circumstances prompt him to search for answers. In pursuing the truth of...
Production company: Graeae Theatre Company
Director: Diane Paulus
Jenna, a waitress and expert pie-maker, dreams of some happiness in her life. When a hot new doctor arrives in town, life gets complicated. With the...
Production company: David Ian Productions
Laura Jury
Director: Laura Jury
Shakespeare's classic tale of ambition, destiny and murder is set in the near future, dramatised across a post-WW3 landscape. This production...
Production company: South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company
Les Miserables
Director: Laura Jury
set in early 19th Century France, and follows the story of Jean Valjean, a convict who through the kindness of others, finds redemption; but, having...
Production company: South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company
The Deep Sea Seekers
Director: Helena Middleton
Join Alph, Betty and Gammo for an exhilarating, warm, audience driven children’s show, suitable for those aged 3 or more, that journeys through our...
Production company: The Wardrobe Ensemble
Beyond the Barricade
Director: David Lane
musical theatre concert featuring past-principal performers from Les Misérables offering up many of the best-known songs from Broadway and the West...
Production company: MRC Presents
Iron-Brow and Thorn-Coat
Director: Rima Staines, Sarah Vigars
Steeped in old magic and half-familiar memories and suitable for those aged 5 and older, this beguiling tale of magical transformation, love,...
Production company: Hedgespoken
Mister Magnolia
Mister Magnolia has many things, such as an old trumpet that goes rooty-toot, some very fat owls learning to hoot, a big purple dinosaur who's a...
Production company: Folksy Theatre
Woodland Tales with Granddad
Director: Emma Williams
Briarbush the old dog fox can sense a change in the air. It has a metal scent, something he hasn’t detected before. Even the trees are swaying and...
Production company: Pickled Image
Director: Mark Sidey
musical based on the life of Argentine political leader Eva Perón, the second wife of Argentine president Juan Perón, first staged in 1978, with the...
Production company: PGS Theatre Productions
God of Chaos
Is the war against online anger and obscenity winnable or even a good idea? Does it make the world a better place or just ‘feed the trolls’? And will...
Pop Divas Live!
Director: Katie Barker-Dale
Promising the best songs from all your favourite female stars in one fabulous fun-packed show for primary school aged children. Little Mix will cast...
Production company: Phoenix Theatre Group
Black Coffee
Director: Sarah Caplan
A group of relatives and friends of the famous scientist Sir Claude Amory are gathered for an after-dinner coffee when he announces that his secret...
Production company: Bijou Theatre Productions