Stage shows

Mamma Mia!
Director: Phyllida Johnson
Set on a Greek island paradise, the show tells the story of Sophie’s quest to discover the father she’s never known, bringing her mother face to face...
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Director: Sally Cookson
our intrepid family of adventurers and their musical dog go on a quest to find a bear; as they wade through the gigantic swishy swashy grass, the...
Production company: Kenny Wax Limited
Swan Lake
Director: Terence Etheridge
It is Prince Siegfried's birthday and his mother presents him with a bow, as a gift. She is anxious that he should seek a wife and marry, but he...
Production company: Vienna Festival Ballet
Tom Gates
Director: Neal Foster
Based on the best-selling books by Liz Pichon for those aged 4 and over, Tom's doing everything possible to stay out of trouble but somehow he...
Production company: Birmingham Stage Company
When We Are Married
Director: Wendy Morrall
The year is 1908 and three well-to-do couples are celebrating their joint 25th wedding anniversaries. Over-indulgence is the order of the evening...
Production company: The Salcombe Players
September Tide
Director: Noel Preston-Jones
In a Cornish house lives the widowed Stella, a woman of considerable gifts and beauty who regularly rejects proposals of marriage from her neighbour...
Production company: Tamaritans Theatre Company
Director: Max Brandt
Othello, the Moor of Venice, fails to promote Iago who, furious, plots to take his revenge and manipulates Othello into believing his wife Desdemona...
Production company: The Inn Theatre Company
Timon of Athens
Director: Simon Godwin
In a world driven by greed, what do we truly value? Timon has it all: money, influence, friends. Surely it can’t last? When the money runs out, Timon...
Production company: Royal Shakespeare Company