The Lost Sound

The Lost Sound

We started in 2008 with an eclectic mix of untrained singers who had a passion for learning about themselves and their singing and who were keen to experiment. We didn’t start performing until 2010, after spending 18 months training and exploring together and learning how to be a choir.

We continue to work hard with our singing techniques and choir skills, in order to achieve excellent music making. We have a strong ethos of vocal and choral education and maintain an ethic of good choral practice.

We want to maintain our 'simple & clear' sound, so we are not trying to create a classical choir sound, but rather bring the qualities and power of great choral singing into a folk setting.

We sing with a strong folk element under-pinning our set, always searching for imaginative, contemporary arrangements that give new slants to these wonderful old melodies. We are known for our multi-layered textures and harmony - often having 5-8 parts running at once!

We actively support living composers by singing new songs and arrangements. We also love the indie slant, with in-house arrangements of modern artists, especially for the choir.

We run mixed quartets and all male and all female ensembles too, which encourages us to improve our choir and harmony skills as well as our singing.