Patterson Dipper

Patterson Dipper

John Dipper and James Patterson each have deep roots in the English folk scene.

John, brought up in the Wiltshire home of performing and instrument making parents, has been playing fiddle for as long as he can recall. Widely regarded as one of the finest English fiddlers he has worked as part of the English Acoustic Collective, Alma, The Emily Askew Band and many others. His work with James Patterson has led him to commission and explore the viola d’amore as an instrument to accompany song.

James started singing in folk clubs whilst still a student in London in the early 1970s. A highly regarded singer and interpreter of a wide range of material, he worked off and on for nearly 40 years with the late Ralph Jordan in Silas, Crows and Patterson, Jordan, Dipper and has continued his musical explorations with John since Ralph’s death. James has also, until recently, worked in the revived line up of Crows.

Together they present a rich tapestry of tunes and songs garnered from a wide range of sources and all infused with a musicality and thoughtfulness that only comes with long experience.

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