Fiona Lander Born in Hexham, Fiona learned to play the piano, clarinet and saxophone whilst at school. Her first public solo performance was at the age of ten where she played the jazz standard Night Train on clarinet at a school concert.

She went on to study music at Colchester Institute and gained an Honours degree. It was here that she found a real love for composition and arrangement, studying with Alan Bullard. From there she went on to teach music in two high schools and became Head of Department in one for five years.

Following her move back to the North East, Fiona has taught as a peripatetic music teacher with Music Partnership North for ten years. In 2014 she also established herself as a freelance composer and has since had several commissions including two children’s songs for Sing-Up and new carol for Voices of Hope.

She has also performed on stage with Johnny Dickinson, Eddie Walker, Kirsty McGee & Mat Martin, Lucy Ward, Gareth Davies-Jones, Clive Gregson, Union Jill, Rag Mama Rag and Brooks Williams.

Paul Mason Born in Sunderland, Paul was given his first guitar at the age of 12 and taught himself to play. At the age of 13, Paul has his first lessons and was lucky enough to have fellow Wearsider Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame as his first guitar teacher.

From these early beginnings, he went on to play lead guitar in variety of rock bands throughout the North East of England. This was followed by a move to London in the early ’80s to seek fame and fortune with the rock band The Dumb Blondes.

However a serious accident with a circular saw which badly damaged his left hand caused him to give up music for about four years. Then one day he came to realise that although the accident was serious, he was lucky still to have all his fingers. So he went out and bought a nylon string guitar because it was still too painful to play steel string, due to the sensitive scar tissue on his fingers.

Paul never looked backed. He found he really enjoyed playing classical music and also started composing pieces for classical guitar.

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