Performer list

Leave "ANY" for all
Torquay four-piece fronted by vocalist Josh Bidder and covering many different genres of pop first produced over the past seven decades
Jane Mason
Devon-based independent choreographer and performer who has danced for such choreographers as Wayne McGregor, Charles Linehan, Wendy Houstoun and Deborah Hay
Paul Weller
the Woking-born modfather and one-time Jam and Style Council frontman
Animals and Friends
only drummer John Steel was there with Eric Burdon, Chas Chandler, Alan Price and Hilton Valentine in the original Animals at the time of the house of the rising sun, while organist Mickey Gallagher played with the band during 1965, replacing...
Callino Quartet
formed at the West Cork Chamber Music Festival in 1999 but now based in London, violinists Sarah Sexton and Tom Hankey, viola player Rebecca Jones and cellist Sarah McMahon share a commitment to contemporary music
The Jefferson Archive
named not in honour of those who built this city on rock ‘n roll or who went to tell Alice and but rather guitarist Jefferson Tierney with his take on numbers from Hendrix, Zeppelin, Cream and Rory Gallagher
Ben Cox Band
young Manchester-based jazz vocalist who was once a member of the a capella group Vive here with pianist Alex Maydew, drummer Rod Oughton, bass player Flo Moore and guitarist Danny Arbiter
Henhouse Prowlers
semi-traditional Chicago bluegrass combo playing storied original material, traditional songs and contemporary covers
Derren Brown
performer variously described as an illusionist, mentalist, trickster, hypnotist, painter, writer and sceptic
The Wurzels
their combine harvester may be showing its age and their cider consumption may have slowed, but Somerset’s finest are still going strong
The Zoots
Wiltshire-based 60’s covers outfit featuring featuring Jamie Goddard, Harriet Loather, Ian Bostic, Adam Woodhouse and Tommy Lloyd
Pete Canter
a jazz saxophonist, a prolific and original composer of jazz and contemporary music and a double bass player whose jazz repertoire draws upon hardbop, bebop and latin jazz, and upon his own compositions
a cross-cultural collaboration, fronted by Biram Seck, bringing together Afro-latin, funk and soul elements with a Senegalese twist
The Darkside of Pink Floyd
do you wish you were here listening to a seven-piece Floyd tribute band or would you rather remain on the dark side of the moon?
Russell Sinclair & The Smokin' Locos
Plymouth singer, songwriter and R&B guitarist